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Lymphatic Therapy Lounge

123 Myddleton Road. London N22 8NQ
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Vibration exercise machines improve your lymphatic health.Moving the various fluids of the body requires power which is only achieved through muscle contractions which cannot be done by normal exercise.

Our lymphatic system has one of the main responsibilities for our immune protection. If the lymphatic system is blocked or clogged you will experience a number of symptoms i.e back pain, constipation, fatigue, depression and weight gain.

Lymph is the fluid that circulates through out the lymphatic system and attacks bacteria in the blood removing the waste and other products that are released in the tissues.

Lymph flows only in one direction.  Lymph fluid delivers cellular waste to blood stream which then is carried to the kidneys, colon  and longs for elimination. 

It is very difficult to observe damage to the lymphatic system unless you’re confronted by swollen lymph nodes.

Lymphatic Therapy Lounge provide:

Roll Shaper
Body Wrap with Infrared Heat
Lymphatic drainage wrap
Infrared Sauna
L.E.D. Face mask
Bio Light
Natural Health Clinic

To you, from Lymphatic Therapy Lounge:
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